You can stay in great shape as you age!

By I.T.S. | Aug 12, 2019

I am excited! As I sit here and write this, I can barely contain the excitement and anticipation I have for my favorite wrestler – Goldberg, returning to wrestle again at Summerslam tomorrow night. While I eagerly await, I write. Tonight is Saturday, Summerslam is on Sunday, and I cannot believe I only have to…

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The best way to Train Traps

By I.T.S. | Jul 30, 2019

The Traps muscle is THE feature to have The Trapezius muscle is probably my best physical feature. It’s the easiest for me to grow when I train it correctly and has always had visible potential. The shape was always there and was noticeable. My Biceps were similar, seeing a pronounced bump as I would flex,…

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Continuing the Journey

By I.T.S. | Jul 21, 2019

Arnold is the man! When I first got into bodybuilding, I was already a huge fan of arguably the most famous bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the obvious reasons being that big muscular frame he carried around. When I started to work out, I was 17 and only weighed about 130 pounds.…

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Time makes the heart grow fonder

By I.T.S. | Jul 14, 2019

There is plenty to get tired of in life. Life gives you plenty of things to get tired of. It gives you chores, work, a lawn to mow… But even things you enjoy, if done enough, you’ll get tired of. That last thing relates to me as of late. Despite my passion for the gym,…

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Fail forward!

By I.T.S. | Mar 31, 2019

Listening to an older gentleman, full of smarts and wisdom. Recently, I was talking an older gentleman I knew at my gym. I enjoyed listening especially because he knows a lot and is full of wisdom – as he should at around 70 years of age. He’s been working out for years, seeing and experiencing…

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Changing my diet in this way improved my health tremendously!

By I.T.S. | Mar 17, 2019

I know what it feels like to want to eat bad… At times, I still fail. There was a day I didn’t worry about the stuff I ate. I would eat a lot of junk and all I wanted to drink was sugary stuff like juice! When a lot of people stop at a gas…

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Make sure you’re recovering

By I.T.S. | Mar 9, 2019

Do you ever go to the gym and feel like you’re dragging? Maybe you are doing less than before or had more energy the last time you were there, or perhaps you’re just not motivated to train? Maybe you feel rundown all the time. Well, any of these things can come from under-recovery, which is…

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Before Lifting Weights, I Was Small Too!

By I.T.S. | Feb 23, 2019

Before I started lifting weights – I didn’t look like I had the best genetics. If you look back at my pictures (like the one above), my arms were maybe 12-13 inches around. They’ve never been short in length either, which at the time made them look even smaller. I remember a girl at my…

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Don’t just do what you need to do. Do what you NEED to do.

By I.T.S. | Feb 16, 2019

On the way to the gym today, I was thinking about how people will do things a lot of the time based off of what they think they “need”. They will do this amount of reps, they will get this much protein, and they will do this long of a workout, only training a muscle…

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