Before Lifting Weights, I Was Small Too!

Before I started lifting weights – I didn’t look like I had the best genetics.

If you look back at my pictures (like the one above), my arms were maybe 12-13 inches around. They’ve never been short in length either, which at the time made them look even smaller. I remember a girl at my church once telling someone “His arms are tiny!” I can’t say I really cared that much though.

Within a couple of years I decided to start going to the local gym – with the influence of my father, but at the time all I actually did was I jump in the pool and swim while he worked out. Eventually, though, I started to get intrigued by the weightlifting in the other room, so I ventured in there not knowing for sure what was about to take place. It was soon after that I started to lift the weights, and then something changed inside of me, and it was something that would change forever! The more I went to the gym and the more weights I lifted consistently, the more I decided to make every effort for my muscles to grow and my strength to increase. I became passionate about it!

Not only did I want my muscles to grow – I wanted them to grow a lot!

Now my arms are over 18 inches. Although some guy’s arms are bigger, or even just look bigger – depending on their different proportions, mine still look good for where I want to be and 18 is a good size.

You can have good looking arms too! It doesn’t matter how big they are. Some people have smaller arms than mine but look more muscular, and some people have bigger arms than mine but don’t look as muscular. There are different factors that go into it. It’s the same with other body parts. Bodybuilding is pretty often just an illusion.

Yes, I used to be small, but I’m not even close to small now.

If you think you’re small and you want things to change, don’t give up! There is hope for you, just like there was for me. I know where I came from. You may never be huge or even want to be that “big”, but you can still be muscular.

I’m not where I want to be, even though I know it might sound funny after all that I’ve just said. It’s not like I have “bigorexia” as they call it. Bigorexia is a play on words meaning opposite of anorexia. Basically, instead of obsessively feeling like you’re never thin enough, it’s to the contrary – meaning, you feel like you’re never big enough!

The word is used as more of a joke though, but there is truth to it with a lot of guys. With me, I just have a “certain look” I want to get to and I’m not there yet. You might not be at the point you want to be at, but neither am I. It doesn’t matter how I look compared to you, nor does it matter how I look compared someone I think looks better than me.

We are both on our own journey, at our own point in that journey. We’re both working towards where we want to be. Even if I was already where I wanted to be, that should be more hope for you that maybe you could get where you want to be also!

I try to look at where I am going to get to realistically though.

Continuing to work towards the goal of where I think I can get to is what keeps me going. It is based on where I am now and where my development is at the moment. I know I may not ever reach the goals I desire, but I will still try to do whatever it takes to get there. It may take time for you to figure it out, but you can still at least get an idea of what you might be able to get to and what it will take to accomplish it.

We’ll never truly know where we are going to end up.  We can only think of our next goal and not let the negativity of our own thoughts get to us. When we’re being realistic, we settle on the fact that we might not get to our goal – whatever that may be. Starting and following through the best we can is going to get us farther than we are now for sure. Be sure you try everything in your power (and with expert advice) to go beyond what you think you can do and stick with it. Then, whether you get to where you want to be or not, you could still be happy.

Everything that an honest expert knows can work.

I try to educate myself by knowing how the body works and what works it in different ways. I listen to people that have experience and have studied it themselves too though. I’m always wanting to make sure I am doing things that are effective. I work with the things that will get me the results I want.

With that said, I have gotten pretty far, and so can you! If I never feel completely satisfied with where I’m at, that’s okay. I’ve decided to still be happy with where I am, regardless. Maybe there will be a day where you can say the same thing.

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