Changing my diet in this way improved my health tremendously!

I know what it feels like to want to eat bad… At times, I still fail.

There was a day I didn’t worry about the stuff I ate. I would eat a lot of junk and all I wanted to drink was sugary stuff like juice! When a lot of people stop at a gas station, they buy their 32-ounce thing of pop. Then they buy a couple of donut sticks and maybe a snack cake with it too. I know what it feels like to want to eat bad, believe me. I ate that way! The stuff is so tempting. At times, I still fail. I am getting better every day though, and it’s a lot easier than before to remain consistent in healthy dietary habits.

Even at my leanest bodyfat percentage, I was eating badly. I was also super young though, but probably not very healthy even though my body got through it better while burning through the calories like Superman’s laser vision!

Poor eating habits caught up with me!

I’m still pretty young, but even before, poor eating habits still caught up with me as I started to eat more terrible foods. I gained about 25 pounds of unwanted weight over time. Pulling around even that much extra can wear you out quicker physically and based on studies can cause a decrease in the correct function of your body as a whole. If I had kept this up as I aged – into every decade after, not would my body not handle it as well, I would have gained an even larger surplus of weight over the years and then BAM! That’s a recipe for disaster. Regardless though, at any age, I want to be as healthy as possible.

There was a time when, after I would eat or drink anything, my gut would start to feel uncomfortable – especially during activities like lifting weights. When I would go down to feel my belly, above the belly button, disgustingly I felt like I could feel stuff in there bulging out. I would push into it, feeling like I was actually pushing it through, and it was gross. I thought maybe it was a hernia. But, as I started to eat better it went away thank goodness! I am easily grossed out by that kind of stuff too.

My diet is a lot better now!

Now I eat fewer pieces of bread and processed stuff, period. In place of them, I eat more Carbs from Vegetables and Fruit. After just changing that, I already noticed a huge difference in how I felt and looked. Later, I further modified my diet to try and get foods that are more natural and not sacrificed in quality or injected with whatever else they want to put into it. Thus, I get more nutrients in with it too, like Vitamins and Minerals and higher quality Protein. I also try to eat Organic as well, for significantly fewer chemicals and loss of the integrity of the food. Plus, a lot of Fruits and Veggies are low glycemic, which means they have less of an effect on blood sugar and are better for you with regards to Blood Sugar not spiking and then crashing, but also less weight will be gained as a result. An apple is a low glycemic food.

Part of the reason Apples help too is because of the Fiber content, and I eat 3 a day. I love apples, even though I definitely didn’t use to! I find them fun to eat and actually a quite good tasting treat. Getting used to eating healthy and not eating a lot of unhealthy foods also helps. Fiber though, helps the food move through you and digest well. Eating things that aren’t processed and are of high quality, and are more natural, helps things to digest better also.

It’s also good to make sure you are getting healthy fats, and definitely cutting out the Trans Fat. Healthy fats, like Unsaturated and limited amounts of Saturated fat – about 10% of your diet. But, the risk of Saturated fat has been debated from studies. Fats can help with your hormones though. With this and the other things I am doing, my diet is definitely a lot better now.

I can certainly say I can tell the benefits of eating well.

Now, I am by no means a nutrition expert, but I have studied it for a while. There is no need to get excessively meticulous, but every little bit helps. I have experience with what works for me as well. I can certainly say I can tell the benefits of eating well. It’s especially true if you have something to compare to, with how you felt and looked before for example. Speaking of which, you should consult your physician anyway to make sure your health is and will be sustained well.

Obviously, there are plenty of diets out there, and plenty of ways to “eat healthy”. I just know important nutrients and foods that are healthy and have combined these things to create my own diet that suits me. Just try your best to have a healthy diet and know that it doesn’t have to be a perfect one.

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