Continuing the Journey

Arnold is the man!

When I first got into bodybuilding, I was already a huge fan of arguably the most famous bodybuilder of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the obvious reasons being that big muscular frame he carried around. When I started to work out, I was 17 and only weighed about 130 pounds. At like 5’8″, I was not very big. Definitely not near as big as Arnold, not that I ever would be, but that’s okay. I had watched the Terminator movies several times already by that point. Arnold was the man and is also what made The Terminator so awesome! Arnold, the aesthetically gifted – buff 6’2″ guy, with all of his cool mannerisms and expressions, fit right into the role they gave him. It is still certainly his most famous role.

But, he wasn’t my main influence…

Nor Arnold or his famous character, although an influence, were what got me into working out though. My father was actually the key. He gave me a real interest when he started to bring me to the gym with him at a young age. I would just go for swims in the Gym’s pool for a while, but I would eventually join dad in the weight room. I enjoyed swimming, but I found it didn’t compare to lifting weights. After I got serious with it, I barely went for another swim again. My parents had bought me a small weight set when I was younger, but it wasn’t until going to the gym with my dad that I began to really love weights. Oh, how my life would be different now otherwise.

It’s paid off.

I have now been going to the gym for almost 10 years including before the weights. The journey has been fun! I have enjoyed the workouts, the people, Chest day with my dad… and appreciated his gifts of Protein powder. I’ve made some good progress also. I got to be significantly stronger and gained 50 lbs – maintaining the same leanness. You can see the difference over time in pictures. All the years of hard work and dedication have paid off, and the gym has given me great friends. I do get complimented on how I look and am proud of where I am now. You can be too! There are still some improvements for me to do, but I am a lot better than I was. Don’t stress about where you are now. Just think, everyone has improvements to make. Focus on whatever those are for you and keep going!

I’m not done yet.

I’m still not completely happy with how I look, despite how far I’ve come, but I will continue this journey. It will continue to go well, and I will continue to grow and improve. And when I finally get to where I am (mostly) where I want to be, I’ll think about where I came from and all the fun in between, not just the results. Even outside of my workouts, with this blog and my continuous learning, I will think of it the same way. I encourage you to do the same!

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