Fail forward!

Listening to an older gentleman, full of smarts and wisdom.

Recently, I was talking an older gentleman I knew at my gym. I enjoyed listening especially because he knows a lot and is full of wisdom – as he should at around 70 years of age. He’s been working out for years, seeing and experiencing a lot in every part of his life. This guy could know a lot about fitness even if he had never touched weights, with all the time he has had. But, like anything else, you never truly know about it until you have experienced it. This guy definitely has, still being pretty fit. A lot of what he talks about doesn’t just apply to weightlifting either. It is a good analogy for anything else in life as well. With that being said, this man knows a thing or two! Tonight, our conversation was no different.

It doesn’t matter if you fail, don’t stop!

One line he used when giving me one of his words of wisdom, this time talking about not succeeding or accomplishing something, was “You fail forward.” Despite hearing things like this before, the way he put it just sounded so much better. “I didn’t make that up. I have heard stuff like that before.” He said. Those words together were just magic though. The point being: Keep going, regardless of failure. Don’t let failure stop you, move forward and you’ll progress. Fail, but forward. Tonight I was doing curls, and about to try for a max. Just the other day I had failed when doing even less weight, but I wanted to try anyway. And, I got it! But if I would have failed, I still would’ve moved forward and tried again later.

Trying, again and again, was well worth it!

A few days later I was going for a personal best of 700 on Shrugs. I wanted a video of me doing it, and well. I tried the first time and did OKAY, but it was at a bad angle and not the form I wanted. A few minutes later I tried again. This time it was a better angle, but I was still not happy with my form. I could have stopped and thought “I doubt I’ll be able to get it this time!” But, I decided to try again. Thank goodness I did! Apparently, the other sets worked as a warmup – or I just wasn’t pushing a hard as I thought. It was a spectacular lift though, and now I was happy! Trying again really paid off. I very well could have failed even still and had to wait another day like times before, but trying again was well worth it. Not only did I get it with a good range of motion, but also the repetitions I wanted – ten! Mission accomplished.

It doesn’t matter what it is, the lesson is still the same.

With anything, if I had stopped at any time that I failed I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am. I wouldn’t still continue to progress continuing to be that way either. I want it badly, know it’s worth it because of that, and ever so diligently I keep moving forward. This man at my gym didn’t just give me a good blog to write about here, but a good rule to live by. Don’t EVER give up, ALWAYS fail forward!

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