Legs, my worst enemy

Why you gotta be so difficult, legs?

Ever since I started working out, I have had significant progress. In fact, my results have been great! I have built my arms, my traps, my back, and my chest quite a bit. I have built my legs too… But, if I had one body part that was an enemy, it would definitely be my legs. My legs have been the hardest to grow. But, are they genetically set-back? No. While they are not that good, they’ve been better when I have trained them harder. They’ve never been as good as they could be though. You can tell because of the look development-wise.

I have tried to train them the minimum amount, and not with as much intensity as I should have. If I were to tell you I have trouble based on where they are now, I’d be lying. I have made excuses, whether it’s trying to say I lack the genetics, or I don’t feel like it… Excuses. One thing I can say though is that there are other body parts I have slacked on just as much – like Traps, that have looked much better regardless. So, it is a bit genetics, but genetics don’t hold them back as much as I do.

I do need to train them different than my upper body though. The reason being more predominance of slow-twitch fibers, which take longer to fatigue and require more reps. My upper body is the opposite, having a composition of more fast-twitch fibers. How it is for other people varies, but generally legs are more slow-twitch. This is important to keep in mind also. It goes along with me actually training them good enough for once.

What we can learn…

So, what can you take from this? Slack off as much as you want, but just realize: You get what you put in, so understand what you do get and know you’ll get what you’ve earned. I have earned everything I have gotten. I don’t deserve more. For you, it’s the same.

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