Make sure you’re recovering

Do you ever go to the gym and feel like you’re dragging? Maybe you are doing less than before or had more energy the last time you were there, or perhaps you’re just not motivated to train? Maybe you feel rundown all the time.

Well, any of these things can come from under-recovery, which is caused by overtraining. If you’ve trained enough to not recover, you have overtrained. And if your body isn’t recovered, it isn’t ready. So, then you can’t push as hard. Your muscles aren’t as strong, and your Central Nervous System might still be out of whack. If you aren’t as strong as you could be from lack of recovery, you might not even be as strong as the other day. If a muscle isn’t built back up all the way, it can’t perform all the way. And as far as energy goes, if your system puts more effort into fixing itself, it then puts more energy into that and has less energy overall. Also, if you feel like crap, you won’t be in as good of a mood which translates to not wanting to do anything = lack of motivation. And, if your body is ready to do something, it’ll send all the chemicals to your brain to make it happen because it knows it needs to!

If you want to make sure you are recovering then, it’s best to just sit for the most part and do very little. Unfortunately, though, that’s not always possible. You might have to go to a job that’s very active, or do yard work, or help somebody move for example. It could be anything. The one thing you can usually control though – for the most part, is your diet. So, you make sure you are eating enough and getting plenty of Protein! But, a lot of people – even if they do eat enough, will lack on their Protein intake still. And like I said before, if a muscle hasn’t built itself back up completely it can’t perform at it’s best. Get your Protein so that can happen!

If you don’t get enough Protein, then your body drags. It slows itself down to keep you from doing any more damage and then can’t function as well anyway due to lack of recovery and muscles that don’t work as well. Carbs will help get the Protein into your muscles because of the effect of Insulin helping to send it in, and then the Carbs will also help to produce more Glutamine which means better recovery. Carbs also equal energy, the best of kind Carb being Low Glycemic (released slowly into your bloodstream). Then healthy Fats, Unsaturated and limited Saturated Fats in your diet, can help with hormones, which assists your body in functioning better. If your body functions better, it recovers better. So – overall, a better diet means better energy and well-being. You need all these nutrients. The main thing I am wanting to stress is Protein intake though, getting enough to actually repair your muscles and other tissues. Regardless, consult with a physician before making any changes and make sure you not only recover from your workouts but stay healthy!

Recovery is needed if you want to progress, if you want to get better, if you want to push beyond where you’ve been before, or get back to where you were even. Even just to maintain what you’ve got, you need to make sure you recover, because recovery is still important. And by the way, even if you think you might be able to recover after only a day away from exercise, if you’re not sure about it, take another day just to make sure… Especially if you do a lot of heavy lifting. That takes longer to recover from. Don’t ever neglect the most important part of training, recovery! Do whatever you can to facilitate it. And remember, your body can only recover so fast.

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