Muscle Memory

I have gone back and forth

In my years of training, I have gone pretty far, but I have lost progress too. There has definitely been some fluctuating, but I have always seemed to be able to bounce back pretty easily – even looking better than I did before I lost what I had. Our body has a way of not only coming back but compensating and coming back even stronger. I have experienced it time and time again. With muscle building, if you went far but now you’re not as good or are back to where you started, just remember: The body never forgets! That’s what Leroy Colbert, the first on record to ever get 21-inch arms, would say. Even at over 80, he still maintained a lot despite his age and not training as frequently.

Muscle is easier to maintain than it is to gain. Why? Muscle memory occurs. Your body remembers where you’ve gotten to, so it builds based on that and to be prepared again for what you were doing before. You can’t just go to lighter weights though, otherwise you’ll lose that big muscle. Stimulate it with the same weight, but know you don’t have to do as many sets. There’s also something to be said about more sets not equaling better results if your muscles aren’t adapted to what you’re doing. So, don’t overdo it! Especially if you aren’t getting complete high-quality protein (the higher on the bioavailability scale, the better) and enough calories. Don’t forget about vitamins either. They are important for helping to break down nutrients and transfer energy. Then make sure there is a balance in your training, so you don’t under-do it either.

It ALL makes a difference

Every little thing makes a difference, especially when it’s all put together. Like a puzzle, when you have it put together even halfway you might see something and it’s already pretty good… But once you have all the pieces there, it’s amazing! So, don’t leave anything out. It’s like some people don’t realize there’s more they can do, or the difference it’ll make. In the end though, whether it’s going too far or not doing enough (on training or diet) whatever you enjoy the most is better than nothing and still has merit based on that – as long as you feel fine. But, know you could still be making a sacrifice on how you look in your physique. Do you want that? I would want to at least be somewhere in the middle, between not looking how I want and looking how I want. You just make the necessary adjustments.

That’s not to say you can’t go a few days without stuff though. Just a few days ago, I finished a 68.5 hour fast. I look even better than before too. When I first came off I pretty much looked just as good, and I definitely did after 3 days. I look better now than before I started where I looked pretty good muscle and lean-wise already. That is probably thanks to an increase in HGH and better Insulin sensitivity. But that just goes to show – even being starved, your body can take care of things and come back even stronger if you do things right. Granted, I gave myself plenty of nutrients before the fast. It’s usually if you hadn’t had enough for days, whether you fast or not, where you are in trouble.

Don’t worry about falling back

So, if you’ve slacked in the gym or the kitchen, don’t get discouraged. Just know it won’t take long to get back to where you were. But, do something and focus on something both diet and workout related that you can sustain. You don’t want to continue to go back and forth if it makes you miserable. I know I don’t want that. I may not eat perfectly like Jeff Cavaliere from AthleanX, but I’m not required to be like him either. I’ll be the best I can be while still enjoying the process. That’s what I will keep, and what I’ll always be able to get back to if I ever lose it – just like I have before.

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