Make sure you’re recovering

By I.T.S. | Mar 9, 2019

Do you ever go to the gym and feel like you’re dragging? Maybe you are doing less than before or had more energy the last time you were there, or perhaps you’re just not motivated to train? Maybe you feel rundown all the time. Well, any of these things can come from under-recovery, which is…

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Before Lifting Weights, I Was Small Too!

By I.T.S. | Feb 23, 2019

Before I started lifting weights – I didn’t look like I had the best genetics. If you look back at my pictures (like the one above), my arms were maybe 12-13 inches around. They’ve never been short in length either, which at the time made them look even smaller. I remember a girl at my…

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Don’t just do what you need to do. Do what you NEED to do.

By I.T.S. | Feb 16, 2019

On the way to the gym today, I was thinking about how people will do things a lot of the time based off of what they think they “need”. They will do this amount of reps, they will get this much protein, and they will do this long of a workout, only training a muscle…

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Feeling insecure about your physique.

By I.T.S. | Feb 13, 2019

In my 8 years of training, I have come a long way. I have built up my physique: my arms, my shoulders, chest, traps, back… I have also built up my confidence a lot. I am a lot happier with how I look, getting closer to “that look” I want every day. It’s one less…

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Are you making the right changes?

By I.T.S. | Feb 10, 2019

Have you not yet gotten the results you want? Does your body not look aesthetically pleasing to you, or fit the look that you want, or is it even getting worse than it was before? Maybe you have hit a plateau, or what you’re doing just isn’t effective. Well – at one time, I was…

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How often should I train Abs?

By I.T.S. | Feb 2, 2019

The Abs are a muscle that most people would like to have visible. Abs show a sign of true leanness and overall fitness, they look cool and have sex appeal. If you are eating right, they will show, but training them can build them up and make them POP OUT more. Different people train them…

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Don’t depend on a gym for a workout!

By I.T.S. | Jan 29, 2019

Earlier today, someone I know was talking about how they were trying to motivate themselves to go to the gym before it was too late, so they could get their workout in and not miss it. But they were pretty tired, so they were having trouble mustering up the will to get up and move.…

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Why building muscle helps you lose fat!

By I.T.S. | Jan 24, 2019

I am willing to bet most of the time when someone wants to work out, during at least some point in their life they want to lose weight – as in fat. They were carrying too much around their midsection, or their muscles weren’t popping out enough through their skin – showing striations or giving…

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Don’t Pressure Yourself to be a Fitness Freak!

By I.T.S. | Jan 18, 2019

A lot of people – when they begin to work out, whether it’s a New Years Resolution, trying to get their body in shape for summer, or just trying to look good and be in shape anyway, will turn to big intense programs like P90x or something that gets them dying or gasping for breath…

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