Time makes the heart grow fonder

There is plenty to get tired of in life.

Life gives you plenty of things to get tired of. It gives you chores, work, a lawn to mow… But even things you enjoy, if done enough, you’ll get tired of. That last thing relates to me as of late. Despite my passion for the gym, something was making me tired of it. I wasn’t liking it like before and wasn’t looking forward to going like I was before. Whenever I had thought about it, it didn’t sound exciting. It didn’t seem quite as consequential now, because it didn’t give the day much meaning anymore. There was a lack of happiness with how I looked. I deliberately did less in my workouts than before. More time went on between sessions, and the lack of effort and time became exponentially inferior to the way I should have been training during each session.

I wasn’t doing things right.

Only, that was just it – “the way I should have been training”. I needed to train a certain amount to have the appearance I wanted, but I had done too much. My body was feeling worn out, likely sending a plethora of signals to my brain to “TAKE IT EASY”! More than a worn out body though, which can happen to you at any age, psychologically I was burnt out as well. My body gradually caught back up on recovery in a week or two. I wasn’t raring to get going again with intensity until after like 3-4 weeks though. After thinking about it constantly for days, I decided to be smarter and ease it up a bit. I lessened up the volume – effectively doing shorter workouts and not pushing my body quite as much.

Then, I started to thrive!

Now, because of the important changes and attempting to not be excessive with the amount I do in the gym, I have thrived mentally and my training has been renewed with a much better physical appearance to boot (which has since been lost slightly from over-dieting, an important thing to take note of) and now I have more energy left for each exercise session. I had the “more is better” mentality before, but really “more became worse”. It was counterproductive. The change definitely helped.

Taking a week off every now and again is good.

In the future, if I ever feel that way again – dragging energy wise, not being motivated, and feeling lethargic, I will certainly ease it up, but will even go a step further… Just like something I’ve done before, I will take a week off. The benefits of that week off, rather than just doing less (as in a “de-load week”) include: giving your body a break (extra time to recover) and a mental break from training. When you come back you get a renewed sense of motivation and excitement – anticipating your next gym session. As that week off goes on the excitement will grow. You will feel renewed! Whether you’re burnt out or not though, a break will still give you a fresh attitude. So give it a try, because it won’t hurt anything. You’ll be better for it!

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