You can stay in great shape as you age!

I am excited!

As I sit here and write this, I can barely contain the excitement and anticipation I have for my favorite wrestler – Goldberg, returning to wrestle again at Summerslam tomorrow night. While I eagerly await, I write. Tonight is Saturday, Summerslam is on Sunday, and I cannot believe I only have to wait 1 more day! But, even that is a struggle. There had been rumors up until he returned that he would wrestle, and when his music hit there was a great response! People were excited he was there, especially me. He was in GREAT shape too! That then got me thinking, he’s over 50 and he still looks just as good as anyone in their 20’s might look. A couple of people stated that he looks like he’s in his prime. So on that note, I am writing this article to make a point.

You are capable, even in advancing age…

Usually, there is A LOT of talk about how when you hit the age of 40 it all goes downhill. Some people think even 30! The truth is that things will start to go down after JUST 25. But after 40, people say you lose tons of muscle, you get fat easily, and your hormones go SPLAT. Testosterone and Growth Hormone drop, and it becomes harder to keep size or stave off fat. These things are true, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get tiny, or turn into Fat Albert before the medicine. You can let it, not taking into account longer recovery times and a slower metabolism with less ideal hormones. Tony Horton is proof that at 60 you can still be in great shape. Leroy Colbert had decent Biceps in his 80’s! Both natural guys. You just have to make sure you take things mentioned into account.

But, you could still use age as an excuse…

A lot of people look at being older than 40 as an excuse though.

“When I was younger I used to be great.”

“I just can’t do it anymore at my age.”

“Boy, I wish I was young again.”

Well, first of all, it’s not what you can still do – or can still be, it’s how hard you work… to STILL be great anyway! It’s harder, but not impossible!

Be capable at almost 50!

There is this muscled up guy at my gym who is almost 50, and he still has a pretty good amount of size. This guy is talking about doing a competition, for posing, on stage. Just a few years ago, he was ripped and lean – shredded and posing on stage for a competition. He’s not in bad shape now, but in order to do another competition, he’d have to lose a little bit of fat. About 6 or 7 percent because he’s fairly low already, and according to him, he’d only have a couple of weeks to do it! When your body fat percentage is that low, it’s harder to lose, so that’s a decent amount based on that. Plenty of guys his age or older are his size and leaner though, so it’s possible for him to also look that way regardless.

Fat can hide the truth!

Based on how he looks right now though, people say he is a shell of his former self. To one person I pointed out his competition pictures from a few years ago and got a surprised look. “Wow, that was just a few years ago?” Of course, they still arrived at the conclusion it was probably just drugs… Wow. The thing is, he’s actually natural. He’s got the same amount of muscle too, but it doesn’t look like it because he’s not as lean. That makes a huge difference in how big you look because your muscles just pop out more. Like having a six-pack, and just not seeing it because of fat. He’s not a shell of his former self, he’s the same “beast”, just covered up (by fat). From slacking by the way, which we ALL do.

At 52, Goldberg looks better than before.

Back to my favorite wrestler Goldberg. After being away for 12 years, he got the chance to return to the ring in 2016 at 49 years. And while delt with a smaller body than in his prime, still got to a decent amount of size! He definitely ate good, and focused plenty on Protein, even adding extra Hamburger to his Pizza for good measure. He knew how to eat for good muscle size, and for keeping some fat off! Now back again at 52, he is better than a few years ago – having gained back even more of what he had 20 years before. Impressive!

See where you can still be!

You see, you can still be muscular or in shape, even at 80! There are countless examples of natural bodybuilders doing competitions or seen in typical photos that still had something! How easily or how much you maintain does depend mostly on one thing, genetics. But, don’t let that stop you from trying your best to see where you can still be!

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